Emopedia is an interactive guidebook of one of the most amazing human abilities – the ability to experience emotions. We transmit around 40% of all information without uttering a word. It is an interchange of emotions, relations, feelings. Emotions Quotient (EQ) is much more relate to success, money, and social status than just intelligence (IQ).

You don’t have to be very intelligent, but you can’t be emotionless. If you want to be an actor, a politician, a leader, a lover – learn about emotions. Most people can name five to ten emotions, a few know more than two dozen. Emopedia is a collection of over 60 shades of emotions encompassing the entire spectrum  of the human emotional life. Each emotion is accompanied by examples and advice – how to recognize it, what is its meaning and purpose, how to use it or control it. We drew them – in pictures and images.

We told them – in words and music. Whether you are studying psychology or simply musing about feelings – Emopedia is the most interesting path into the world of emotions. Features: Unique descriptions of 60 different emotions. User-driven interactive portraits for each of the 8 basic emotions. 33 musical stories telling about emotions Interesting facts about each emotion from history, psychology and physiology.


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